We’re Moving! And I have the evidence….

The weekend has been busy but refreshing and exciting at the same time.  We’re packing up our apartment and getting all ready to move to our new home!  Our closing is currently set for March 13, so things are happening quickly. 

My sweet and helpful mother came over yesterday and gave up her Saturday afternoon to help me empty this:


And this:


We filled all of the empty boxes we had, and I promptly felt like COLLAPSING.  Needless to say, today will be fueled by a couple o’ these.


We’re off to do the church thing, then the laundry thing, the gradebook thing (mindless data entry is perfect for Sunday afternoons, right!?) and the fitness training studying thing:


and then later tonight….we have tickets to THIS.  That’s right folks Alton Brown Live! 


It’s the hubs’ turn to pay me back for all the concerts he has dragged me to.  😉


What are YOU up to this Sunday!?




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