Weekend Recap

1.  I got my very first StitchFix!!


I was pumped to open the box and see the clothes that had been hand-selected for me.  The gray-and-black striped hoodie is the only one I’m certain I’ll be keeping.  The other items were just not quite my style.

2.  Here’s my sweaty post-run face, for your enjoyment.  I’ve been doing 6 miles on Saturdays as my “long run.”  This is definitely long for me!!  It’s good to start my weekend with a big push, and then work in some foam rolling later in the day!  🙂



3.  The weekend included a bit of this as well:

IMG_0419 IMG_0420

I’m feeling bogged down lately, to say the least.   On Friday afternoon, I met with my research advisor to discuss my progress in my degree program, and we outlined the work that remains, standing between me and a PhD.  I feel like it would be easier to accept it all if I were certain that a PhD will help me to accomplish my goals.  The more time that goes by, however, the less certain I actually am that a PhD-level chemistry job is for me.  The weekend also included plenty of talks with husband Mark , mom and MIL/FIL about my future and what my goals truly are.  I’m just praying and hoping for clarity above all.  I want to know for sure why I am headed down this road.  If I have something specific to work for and toward, I firmly believe that the work will be significantly more manageable!  For now, I’m just waiting and hoping for that clarity.


What did YOUR weekend hold?!


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