Science says jump; I say how high?

I left the house this morning before it was light. 6:05am.

I came back after the light was completely gone. 8:00pm.

This isn’t my normal schedule and I know that there are many others who consistently put in far more hours than I do at their workplace…but this, in my kind is too long for one work day.

It started with a 6:30 cell treatment, followed by breakfast and prepping to teach my 8am recitation. After the recitation, I dove into a western blot and an immunofluorescence treatment. I had a snack break at 12:15, a group meeting at 1:00, then finished my immunofluorescence prep. 3:00 I sat down for a salad with egg whites and hummus, then I was off to the microscopy lab to reap the rewards of the day-long immunofluorescence prep.

Except….no fluorescence in 4 out of 6 samples.

I was so disappointed, but grateful that I had packed a set of gym clothes in my backpack and that the campus gym was only a few blocks from the microscopy lab….off I went for a dose of endorphins.

For me, this is one of the best ways to deal with stress or disappointment: sweat.

It worked like a charm, I must say! I was all smiles again when Mark pulled up to take me home. Now, after more egg whites and spinach and peaches, I’m lying in bed just relaxing!

All day I thought about my job, both present and future. I’m realizing I want a job with boundaries; something more controllable and limit-able than what I’m involved in now. The frustration of research is that it’s unpredictable at times. I’m tired of not knowing whether or not I can be home for dinner with Mark.

This thought is nothing new. As evidence of this, I submit This fact: today I ordered a free trial of the NASM CPT training program. Starting to investigate…could this be the start of helping others find the freedom I’m also finding through fitness?? Stay tuned, my friends. 🙂


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