My Dairy-Free Experiment

Hello hello!

The past week has gone quickly and smoothly, with the exception of some digestive problems (more on that later), and I feel that I’m finally adjusting to my fall teaching and research schedule. Change is always hard and I always find myself wishing everything could just stay the same a while longer. But the truth is, change is good, it’s part of what shapes and transforms us and ultimately, the day I stop changing is the day I stop growing.

To address my digestive issues, I’ve begun a dairy-free and gluten-free diet. So far it’s helping…but I’m cautious to draw many conclusions just yet. I’m hopeful, but cautious. I’ve had a wide range of symptoms, and from my reading, a gluten sensitivity could explain all of them. I addition to GI distress, I’ve had dizziness, poor balance, intense muscle cramps and spasms, anxiety, heart palpitations and more exhaustion than usual. I’m hopeful that this will clear up my symptoms!


Anyone out there experienced a gluten sensitivity?


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