Fitness plan for the Week! 9/2-9/8

Hi there!

I love reading others’ fitness plans and meal ideas, and part of the purpose of this blog is to have an outlet for me to share my eats and sweat sessions with all of you!

This week in fitness (a bit retroactive, but it’s never too late to get started, right!?:

Sunday 9/1: rest
Monday: 30 min strength training; 30 min elliptical interval workout from Housewife Glamour
Tuesday: 30 min treadmill run; 30 min elliptical interval workout (mainly because I wanted to read my magazine give my joints a break from pounding the treadmill.
Wednesday: 30 min strength training circuit workout; 30 min cardio (running or elliptical, depending on how my knees feel!)
Thursday: rest
Friday: 30 min cardio; min strength training
Saturday: 30 min treadmill run; 45 min elliptical

In light of my recent goals of gaining a few pounds to bring my BMI back up to a healthy range, I’m limiting my workouts to 60 minutes per day. This hasn’t been easy for me; I love being in the gym! Endorphins are my drug of choice. I’ve noticed though that my focus was simply not healthy when I was working out more than this. Instead of thinking of my health I was only thinking of my calorie burn. I want this mindset to be part of the old me and not part of me today.

You’ll notice that most of my workouts are at the gym. I’m a wimp when it comes to weather and my gym is just 6 minutes from my house, so I hang out there most of the time. I love to work out in the mornings, but of course my schedule doesn’t always work well with this. I’m still getting used to my fall term teaching schedule (part of my graduate assistantship) which includes two 8am classes. The days I teach early, I pack a gym bag and use the University gym when I get a spare hour during the day.

There you have it! Happy sweating, readers!


What are your workouts this week?

What is your ideal time of day to workout?

How do you deal with toning down your exercise when you become out of balance?


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